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Digital Signature Form

Digital signature form needs to be submitted to apply for Digital Signature certificate in India. There is different documentary requirement that needs to be fulfilled to acquire different classes of digital signature.

Brief overview on different classes of certificate and their suggested uses along with links for downloading application form for digital signature.

Class 2 Certificate:

Assurance Level: Provides higher level of assurance confirming the details submitted in the DSC Request Form, including photograph and documentary proof in respect of at least one of the identification details.

Suggested Usage: In addition to the ‘suggested usage’ mentioned in class I, the class II Signing certificate may also be used for digital signing, code signing, authentication for VPN Client, web form signing, user authentication, Smart Card Logon, single sign-on and signing involved in e-procurement/ e-governance applications. This certificate is primarily used for Roc filling, Income tax filling, Sales Tax filing, Vat filling and email signing.

Application form for digital signature :

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

TCS Class 2 digital signature forms

EMudhra / E-mudhra

Emudhra Class II form for digital signature


Safescrypt Class 2 application form for digital signature

Ncode Solutions

Ncode Solutions Class II digital signature certificate form

Safeexim DGFT Form

Safeexim Application form for digital signature for DGFT

Class 3 / Class III / 3B / IIIb Certificate:

Assurance Level: Provides highest level of assurances, as verification process is very stringent. Proves existence of name of organizations such as Government Departments/Agencies, PSU/ Govt. Registered Companies and assures applicant’s identity authorized to act on behalf of the Government/PSU/Statutory/Autonomous bodies/ Government registered Companies.

Suggested Usage: In addition to the ‘suggested usage’ mentioned in class-1, class-2 the class-3 Signing certificate may also be used for digital signing for discharging his/her duties as per official designation and also encryption certificate may also be used for encryption requirement as per his/her official capacity. Class 3 Digital signatures are primarily used for e-tender & e-procurement apart from applying for DEPB in DGFT site.

Digital Signature Certificate Form:

TCS (TataConsultancy Services)

TCS class 3 digital certificate form

EMudhra / E-mudhra

Emudhra class 3 digital signature form


Safescrypt Class 3  digital signature certificate  application form

Ncode Solutions

Ncode Solutions digital signature class 3 application form

Nexim DGFT Form

Nexim Digital Signature Certificate form for DGFT


DGFT DSC application form from Emudhra

Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):

Assurance Level: Provides minimum level of assurance. Subscriber’s identity is proved only with help of Distinguished Name –DN and hence provides limited assurance of the identity. Has no legal validity.

Suggested Usage: Suggested Usage: Signing certificate primarily be used for signing personal emails and encryption certificate is to be used for encrypting digital emails and SSL certificate is used to establish secure communications through the use of secure socket layer (SSL).

Digital Signature Form: TCS

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