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Application of digital signature is on the rise because of legal and technological developments, along with government initiated strong market demand for secured transactions on the Internet. Digital signature applications involve encrypting messages in such a way that only legitimate parties are able to decrypt the message. Two separate but interrelated ‘keys’ known as public key and Privet key carry out this process of encryption and decryption. A digital signature satisfies all the functions, such as authenticity, non-repudiation, and security, of a hand-written signature. The applications of DS technology are not only restricted to secure online communication. Digital signature applications is been used in diversified functions such as secured access, authentication and confidentiality. Furthermore, application for digital signature has increased because there is no efficient way to modify a message/transaction and its signature to produce a new message/ transaction with a valid signature, because this is still considered to be computationally infeasible by most cryptographic hash functions

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