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STD Code in India

STD Code City State
01276 BAHADURGARH Haryana
01281 JATUSANA Haryana
01282 NARNAUL Haryana
01284 BAWAL Haryana
01285 MOHINDERGARH Haryana
0129 FARIDABAD Haryana
0130 SONIPAT Haryana
0131 MUZAFFARNAGAR Uttar Pradesh
0132 SAHARANPUR Uttar Pradesh
01331 NAKUR Uttar Pradesh
01332 ROORKEE-I Uttaranchal
01334 ROORKEE-II Uttaranchal
01336 DEOBAND Uttar Pradesh
01341 NAJIBABAD Uttar Pradesh
01342 BIJNORE-I Uttar Pradesh
01343 NAGINA Uttar Pradesh
01344 DHAMPUR Uttar Pradesh
01345 BIJNORE-II Uttar Pradesh
01346 PAURI-II Uttaranchal
01348 LANSDOWN-III Uttaranchal
0135 DEHRADUN Uttaranchal
01360 CHAKRATA Uttaranchal
01363 KARAN PRAYAG Uttaranchal
01364 UKHIMATH Uttaranchal
01368 PAURI-I Uttaranchal

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