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CCH ProSystem India : Practice Management for Legal Professionals

About CCH ProSystem India:

CCH ProSystem owned by Wolters Kluwer Group is a household name for global Legal professionals. CCH ProSystem India’s core objective is of servicing the Tax, Audit and Legal professional by providing a complete automation solution to increase the professional productivity in India.

About CCH ProSystem Legal:

Practice Management for Legal Professionals is an end –to-end Professional Practice Management Platform for Advocates in India; the platform uses proprietary patent pending technology to meet all the needs of practicing Advocates.

About our association with CCH ProSystem India:

We are the first and only partner of CCH ProSystem India in Eastern Region.


India’s first and only Practice Management software for Legal Professionals will revolutionize the way Lawyers, Advocates and solicitors manages their day to day task.

Dashboard View for

  • Appointments

  • Pending Assignment

  • Case Hearing List

  • Outstanding Bills

  • Inter-Office Memos and Missed Calls Lists

Matter Diary

  • Track all Client Matters through Matter Diary.

  • Record Client problems/disputes termed as Matter separately for each Client.

  • Record multiple Cases for each Matter.

  • Record multiple Tasks at Case and/or Matter level.

  • All Tasks referring to Court Dates are automatically updated to Case Hearing List.

  • Draft multiple Documents for each Task with option to save as Templates for re-use.

  • Option to send documents for Internal/Client Review.

Template Designer

  • A Complete Drafting Tool for all your Document needs.

  • Pre-uploaded Document Templates and Clause Library.

  • Design your own document templates and update your Document Library.

  • Add your own Clauses to the Library and customize the use for multiple Document Templates.


  • Dynamic Research option to update your knowledge Library.

  • Auto population of your keywords from your documents.

  • Option to customize priority of search keywords.

  • Stores the research criteria date wise for obtaining the latest references for the Research Subject.

  • Attach the Research to specific Client/Matter.

Back Office

  • Keep track of day-to-day appointment of each member working in the organization, with a facility to reschedule and transfer to another person.

  • Keeps track of all the pending task of staff along with the facility to time sheet.

  • Maintain a record of all the documents received in and dispatched out of the office.

  • Inward documents can even be tagged to a particular matter/case for reference.

  • Facility to Bill all completed or uncompleted task with a facility to bill even out-of-pocket expenses to the client.

  • Flexibility of selecting your own Bill Templates.

  • Facility to generate Bulk Bills for different clients for similar services.

  • Record receipt of amount against each bill along with facility to record advance payment received from client.

  • Any time availability of Bills Outstanding from Clients.

  • Keep track of Staff Leave Records.

  • Manage and maintain Office Library.

  • Backup and Restore Facility.

  • Define and Manage User wise Access Control.

  • Email and SMS Configuration for scheduled reminders to clients.

Digital Signature and e-filing Ready*

  • These features are awaiting e-filing acceptance readiness from the High Courts / Supreme Courts

  • Introductory Price for CCH ProSystem Legal in India is Rs. 11162 (inclusive of taxes)

  • For demonstration / purchase of CCH ProSystem Legal contact us at:

33, Townshend Road,
Purnashish Building, Ground Floor,
Kolkata -700025
West Bengal, India
Contact No: - 033-24755213
Mobile No: - 9331707877
Email ID: info@emastersindia.net

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