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How To Proceed With Us For Your Company Registration

  1. Download and Print the Application Form
  2. Fill In All The Details That You Are Able To Fill.
  3. Leave Blank If You Are Not Able To Understand Any Field
  4. Sign The Form & Scan It
  5. Make The Advance Payment of Rs.5000/­- of our account numbers mentioned on below
  6. Send the form along with the Scanned Copy of ID Proof & Address Proof of all directors and also the receipt of payment to so that we may proceed further with your company registration process.
  7. We will be in constant touch with you via email & phone till the company registration process gets completed
  8. Our package includes all the things required for a Company to work efficiently like PAN Card, TAN Number, Company Seal, Digital Signatures, etc
  9. Moreover, there are no extra or additional or hidden charges for anything during the Company Registration Process
  10. Also we would like to mention that distance between your place/city and our place/city doesn't matter as we take all documents via email hence saving lot of time & money and also is hassle­free process.
  11. This is how we proceed with the Company Registration. With us you can get your Company Registration done in Just 20­25 Days with our speedy process
Our Areas of Expertise
  1. Trade Mark Registration for word mark and label mark
  2. Patent Registration for inventions/formulas
  3. Designs Registration for designs of products
  4. Copyrights Registration for logo, lyrics, literature, books and software.
  5. Accounting work at both Ends.
  6. Sales Tax Registration, Service Tax Registration & Professional Tax Registration
  7. Income Tax, Sales Tax, Services Tax, Professional Tax Return Filing
  8. Provident Fund / ESIC Registration
  9. TAN, PAN Application.
  10. Import Export Code Registration with Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
  11. Registration cum Membership Certificate Registration with Export Promotion Council (EPC)
  12. Registration of Partnership Firms, Private Ltd and Public Ltd Companies & LLP
  13. Registration of Trust, Association of Person
Description for Company Registration

With reference to the above stated subject; we have to state that we provide our services for getting your Company Registered.

The Definition and Types of Companies are as follows:

What is Company?

A company or corporation (the words have the same meaning) is a legal entity that is separate from its members. When you form a company, you form an imaginary legal person which can hold and dispose of property, take legal action and sign documents. Because of this separate legal entity a company can have assets and liabilities and make profits and losses quite separately from its members.

You may form, or already be in a company for a number of reasons including :

  1. To protect yourself against liability for business debts
  2. To take advantages of company taxation rates
  3. The flexibility of membership that is provided by a company structure
So what exactly is a company and what are its advantages compared to those of a sole proprietorship or partnership?
  1. The advantages of incorporating (forming a company) compared with a partnership/proprietorship are
  2. Your liability for the company's debts is limited.
  3. Changes in membership do not affect the company; (this is called perpetual succession)
  4. Changes in membership do not affect the company; (this is called perpetual succession).
  5. Members can be employed by the company
  6. Taxation rates are more favourable (though you will have to consult your accountant about whether this provides an overall benefit)
Types of Companies

There are a number of different types of companies that can be formed in India. There are only three types of companies that can be registered under the Companies Act.

The basic difference between a Public and Private company is explained below:

Public Companies

Public Companies are permitted by law to raise money from the public by offering their shares for sale, usually by listing them on the share market. Some public companies are not listed on the share market, but most are. You can recognize a public company because it must put the word 'Limited' or the abbreviation 'Ltd' after its name.

Private Companies

A Private Company is usually smaller than a public company. Private Companies are not permitted to raise money by selling shares to the public (although they can convert to public company status by 'floating' their shares). You can recognize a Private Company by the abbreviation 'Pvt Ltd' or 'Private Limited' that comes after its name.

Company Regisstration Procedure
  1. Application For Director Identification Number (5 Working Days)
  2. Application For Availability of Name of the Company (4 Working Days)
  3. Application For The Incorporation of Company (11 Working Days)
  4. Application For PAN & TAN Number (3 Working Days)
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