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Certifying Authority Licenced By Controller Of Certifying Authorities (CCA) India.

     Ncode Solutions


Directorate General Of Foreign Trade

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Udyog Bhawan

New Delhi - 11.


Subject- Issuance of Digital certificate by M/S Safescrypt Limited


Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has tied up with Safescrypt Limited for issuance of Digital Certificate services for filing of online applications for licenses by the EXIM community. Safescrypt Limited will provide the 'SafeExim' product package for digitally signing & filing the online application forms.  

DGFT is issuing a notification for charging only 50% of application fee for the applications signed digitally.  

The current facility of electronic filing of application based on password will be discontinued shortly in favor of digitally signed applications. Exporters are requested to take advantage of the facility.


(Ajay Srivastava)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade





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Digital Signature certificate of TCS,EMudhra,MTNL,NCode Solutions,SafeScript etc by
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