MCA Registration for Director

MCA Registration for Director Digital Signature Registration

Follow these simple steps for registration of digital signature in MCA21

Procedure for Digital signature registration of Director on MCA21 portal is as under:

  1. Click on the 'Register DSC' link available on the MCA portal homepage
  2. On the next screen, click on the 'Director' link on the left hand panel and fill-up your DIN. Please ensure that the DIN is approved and typed correctly
  3. System shall verify that the DIN is valid and approved. If the DIN is filled incorrectly or DIN filled is not approved, system will throw an error message to that effect
  4. Fill-up rest of the particulars and ensure that details filled are as per DIN- 1. If the applicant has filed DIN-4, then fill the details as submitted in DIN-4 form
  5. Click on the 'Next' button. The system would verify the details
  6. If the details filled do not match with DIN-1/ DIN-4, as the case may be, for the reason that you do not have your DIN application details, you can get the details from the company in which you are a director
  7. If the details are correct, the system would prompt you to select the DSC
  8. Click on the 'Select Certificate' button to browse and select the (Digital signature certificate) DSC. Please ensure that the selected DSC belongs to the applicant, whose particulars are being registered
  9. System shall validate the (Digital signature certificate) DSC. If the selected DSC is already registered against given DIN, system will give an informatory message. If a different DSC is already registered against the given DIN, system will ask if the user wants to update his/ her DSC
  10. Type the displayed system generated text for verification in the box provided
  11. Click on 'I agree' button to agree to the declaration that details furnished are correct
  12. Click on the 'Submit' button to register your (Digital signature certificate) DSC
  13. Acknowledgement message is displayed to the user. Your Digital signature registration is complete
  14. User can take a print-out of the acknowledgement
  15. The applicant can click on the 'Reset' function to clear the data in the fields
  16. Registration of digital signature is complete