Registration of digital signature Class 2

Use of Digital signature is mandatory for MCA as well as Income Tax Filling. Individual user needs to register digital signature on these sites before they can use it to authenticate themselves. Below is the step wise guide for digital signature registration.

Guide to digital signature registration on MCA portal for Director

Guide to digital certificate registration on MCA site for Manager /Secretary

Guide to registration of digital signature on MCA website for Practising Professional's

Guide to digital signature registration on MCA

How to register digital signature on for Income Tax Filling

Registration of digital signature Class 3

Almost all eprocurement and etender web sites require registration of digital signature before it allows any user to do their registration on the website. For security reasons use of the digital signature is must on its application. Sites that require digital signature registration often tell its user that their digital signature is improper. It is contrary to the fact that if digital signature if downloaded successfully on etoken cannot be improper. CCA, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India has issued the interportability of Digital Signature so that all certifying authority issues 100% compatible DSC with all eprocurement websites. This is said as some people do not have proper knowledge on the subject while others want the vendors to buy digital signature from them.

It is very important to register digital signature properly. It is often said digital signature is not working. Digital signature is 100% full proof technology. Lots of people try to pass improper registration as improper Digital Signature.

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