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Advantages of class 3 digital signature certificate, signing certificate, encryption certificate

1. What are the advantages of using Class III Certificates?
Its a supreme Class of certificate as per Information Technology Act 2000.
The DSC can be used for sending signed emails through the email address mentioned in the certificate.
Any document can be signed using proper software.
Secure document can be digitally signed using encryption software.

2. Who can use Digital Certificate?

Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary & Advocates : Digital Certificate will enable CA, CS & advocates to provide value added service (electronic filing) to their clients.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Employers Companies can directly file returns for their employees.

  • Individuals : To furnish their return of income as per the Notification from Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)

For e-TDS returns

  • Corporate Companies can directly file the e-TDS returns without dependence on third party.

  • For File Signing and Encryption.

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