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1. Can I use Digital Certificate for DGFT for other purpose like ROC filing, e-Procurement at railway?
The DSC for DGFT is based on the IEC code of the company. The applications created by ROC, Income Tax Department, Railway does not recognize IEC code, so one cannot use their DSC of DGFT for other purpose like ROC filing, e-Procurement at railway but one can utilize the same for signing any legally valid document or sending email.

2. I want Digital Certificate for my company. I dont want to take it in name of any individual?
As per IT Act 2000 DSC can be issued to an individual after verifying the personal identity. Like bank account where it is compulsory to have some authorized person who can operate the account, similarly a DSC cannot be issued to company without any individual responsible for the same.

3. Whether the name of the person in Digital Certificate can be changed?
After the issuance of the Digital Certificate no alteration in the content of Digital Certificate is possible.

4. What is date of birth?
The date of birth in form A of DSC application form is the date of birth of the applicant, in whose name the DSC will be issued.

5. What is the identity detail in the form A Serial No. 7?
The identity details in the form A Serial No. 7 is the personal identity details of the applicant such as passport, driving license, PAN, voters ID, etc in whose name the DSC will be issued.

6. Can I get soft copy of authorization letter?
One has to login to our website at www.emastersindia.net/DGFT and download the application form and obtain the soft copy of the authorization letter.

7. What is Branch Code?
The IEC of a Proprietorship firm is based on PAN No. of the proprietor and as the IEC is in the name of the proprietor, so the firm name is considered as the branch code in case of Proprietorship. While in case of Limited, Private Limited and Partnership firms, the subsidiary firms or establishments with different name or address from that of the head office is considered as the branch code.

8. The Digital Certificate is in the name of employee / director of the company who has left / deceased resigned or retired? What will be the status of Digital Certificate?
If the DSC for DGFT is in the name of director who has resigned / retired the certificate becomes void / invalid and in order to prevent any Misuse one has to revoke the same and re-apply for a new DSC in the name of an existing director.

9. Who is authorized person in signature verification letter?
In case of proprietorship firm, the proprietor himself is the authorized person. In case of Limited, Private Limited Company apart from the applicant whose name is mentioned in the application form, the other director or the person authorized by the board of directors is the authorized person. In case of Partnership Firm apart from the applicant whose name is mentioned in the application form, the other partner becomes the authorized person.

10. What is n-Exim?
N-Exim is Class 3 Digital Certificate issued by (n) Code Solutions, a division of GNFC ltd for filling online license application with DGFT.

11. I already have Class 2 Digital Certificate issued by Safescrypt. I want to upgrade the same, can I renew the same from you?
Yes, we can renew the certificate within 15 days of expiry of your existing DSC.

12. What are fees for upgradation?
The upgradation fee is same as the renewal charges. Upgradation also includes renewal fees.

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