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Validity of Digital Certificate, Cost or Fee for Digital Signature

1. What is the validity of Digital Certificate?
As of now Digital Certificate is issued for the period of 1 year i.e. 365 days from the date on which DSC is downloaded.

2. Within how many days is Digital Certificate issued?
Emasters can issue DSC for DGFT in 3 hours if required. Normally we issue DSC in 2 days of receipt of application with proper documents and Cheque.

3. What is the application fee for DSC of DGFT?
The application fee for 1 year validity certificate is 5410/-.

4. What are renewal charges?
The renewal charge for Class III DSC is Rs.1500/- for the period of 1 year.

5. In whose name shall the application fees are to be paid?
The application fees can be paid in cash / Cheque / DD / online bank transfer / credit card. Our customer can buy DSC online through net banking / credit card from our website www.emastersindia.net. The Cheque /DD can be drawn in favor of "EmastersIndia.net" for faster processing of the application.

6. Can I use Digital Certificate in any machine or other location?
DSC can be utilized from any PC/ Laptops which has USB port and where drivers of e-token are properly installed.

7. Can Emasters provide any training on DSC?
Emasters is providing 4 hours training on Digital Certificate, Electronic filing and Electronic security.

8. What are the fees for the same?
The fees for the training on Digital Certificate is Rs.1000/-, Plus12.4% Service Tax. Training will be provided at Emasters sponsored site.

9. I want your engineers to come and install the same at our office.
Emasters can provide the service on one time charge basis. The charges for the same is Rs.1000/-.

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