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XBRL in India

About CCH ProSystem India:

CCH ProSystem owned by Wolters Kluwer Group is a household name for global Legal professionals. CCH ProSystem India’s core objective is of servicing the Tax, Audit and Legal professional by providing a complete automation solution to increase the professional productivity in India.

About CCH ProSystem Legal:

Practice Management for Legal Professionals is an end –to-end Professional Practice Management Platform for Advocates in India; the platform uses proprietary patent pending technology to meet all the needs of practicing Advocates.

About our association with CCH ProSystem India:

We are the first and only partner of CCH ProSystem India in Eastern Region.

Solutions :

India’s first and only Practice Management software for Legal Professionals will revolutionize the way Lawyers, Advocates and solicitors manages their day to day task.

Dashboard View for

  • Appointments
  • Pending Assignment
  • Case Hearing List
  • Outstanding Bills
  • Inter-Office Memos and Missed Calls Lists

Matter Diary

  • Track all Client Matters through Matter Diary
  • Record Client problems/disputes termed as Matter separately for each Client
  • Record multiple Cases for each Matter
  • Record multiple Tasks at Case and/or Matter level
  • All Tasks referring to Court Dates are automatically updated to Case Hearing List
  • Draft multiple Documents for each Task with option to save as Templates for re-use
  • Option to send documents for Internal/Client Review

Template Designer

  • A Complete Drafting Tool for all your Document needs
  • Pre-uploaded Document Templates and Clause Library
  • Design your own document templates and update your Document Library
  • Add your own Clauses to the Library and customize the use for multiple Document Templates


  • Dynamic Research option to update your knowledge Library
  • Auto population of your keywords from your documents
  • Option to customize priority of search keywords
  • Stores the research criteria date wise for obtaining the latest references for the Research Subject
  • Attach the Research to specific Client/Matter

Back Office

  • Keep track of day-to-day appointment of each member working in the organization, with a facility to reschedule and transfer to another person
  • Keeps track of all the pending task of staff along with the facility to time sheet
  • Maintain a record of all the documents received in and dispatched out of the office
  • Inward documents can even be tagged to a particular matter/case for reference
  • Facility to Bill all completed or uncompleted task with a facility to bill even out-of-pocket expenses to the client
  • Flexibility of selecting your own Bill Templates
  • Facility to generate Bulk Bills for different clients for similar services
  • Record receipt of amount against each bill along with facility to record advance payment received from client
  • Any time availability of Bills Outstanding from Clients
  • Keep track of Staff Leave Records
  • Manage and maintain Office Library
  • Backup and Restore Facility
  • Define and Manage User wise Access Control
  • Email and SMS Configuration for scheduled reminders to clients

Digital Signature and e-filing Ready*

  • These features are awaiting e-filing acceptance readiness from the High Courts / Supreme Courts
  • Introductory Price for CCH ProSystem Legal in India is Rs. 11162 (inclusive of taxes)
  • For demonstration / purchase of CCH ProSystem Legal contact us at :

33, Townshend Road,
Purnashish Building, Ground Floor,
Kolkata -700025
West Bengal, India
Contact No : 033-24755213
Mobile No : 9331707877
Email ID : info@emastersindia.net
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