FAQs on DSC upload during ICEGATE Registration

What are the pre-requisites for uploading my Digital Signature on ICEGATE?

DSC device should be inserted in the system and logged in

Digital signature should DSC Class –3, Individual and Encrypted

Browser requirement -Internet Explorer-11

Java Setup -1.8 or higher version (32 bit) to be installed, latest version recommended

How to verify the version of Java installed in my browser?

Open Internet explorer (not Edge)

Go to https://www.java.com/verify/ and follow the steps provided by Oracle.

If not installed, then install the latest version of Java (v1.8 or above, 32 bit) from Internet explorer and complete the steps.

The java verification needs to work before ICEGATE Registration

What is PKI component error and how to troubleshoot it?

PKI component is a system issue. If the above-mentioned pre-requisites are confirmed, please follow the below steps. (Kindly ensure your DSC is inserted in your system, before proceeding to the steps)

Go to https://www.java.com/verify/ and follow the steps provided by Oracle.

  • Close all browser tabs and Open Internet Explorer 11

  • Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Delete and remove all history, cache, and cookies from the browser

  • Open Control Panel -> Java. Make sure there is only one version of Java installed in your system and the version should be 1.8 or higher

  • Make the changes in Java Control Panel by following the advisory -https://icegate.gov.in/Download/JavaSetupForDSC.pdf

  • Go back to Internet Explorer > Tools > Compatibility view settings. Make the changes according to the above advisory link.

  • After completing the above procedure, manually type the complete URL of ICEGATE i.e., www.icegate.gov.in

What is CRL verification issue faced while selecting the DSC certificate and how to fix it?

Certificate Authorities publish Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), which as the name suggests, contains the certificates, which are no longer valid(may be revoked or cancelled)

In case of such issues, you may contact your Certificate Issuing Authority (CA)