Class III Digital Signature Certificate
IREPS (Indian Railways E-Procurement System) – E-tender and e-Auction at IREPS
Request form for Northern Railway

All Vendors who wish to participate in E-tenders or E-auction with IREPS must have valid Class III Digital Signature Certificate with Firm’s Name issued by licensed Certifying Authorities like (n)CodeSolutions (GNFC), Safescrypt, or EMudhra. Without valid Digital Signature Certificate, User ID and Password, vendor cannot participate in E-tenders or E-auction.

Signing with Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is required so that all ELECTRONIC BIDS can get auto encrypted on your client machine using highest level of digital security before such offers are received in the time locked electronic tender box. All e-bids travel over 128-bit SSL to ensure confidentiality of data. Electronic bids are totally secured as once digitally signed and submitted for one or all the item/items it cannot be accessed or edited later till the due date and time of opening and decryption.

Request form for IREPS including Northern Railways
  • Download Class 3 application Form
  • Fill the digital signature certificate application form
  • Send us the form along with the requisite documents and prescribed fees
Required Documents
  • ID proof of applicant
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association Regd. Partnership Deed Valid Business License
  • Annual Report or Statement of Income issued by Chartered Accountant or Latest Income Tax Return. Latest Organisation Bank details from the Bank
  • Attested Copy of the Organisation PAN Card
Required Documents
  • Application Form duly filled in
  • Latest Photograph of Applicant (Must be pasted on Form with Cross Signature)
  • Duly Attested Photocopy of anyone of the following ID Proof of Applicant: Passport/ Driving License/ PAN Card Copy/ Govt. Issued ID card
  • Duly Attested Photocopy of anyone of the following Address Proof of Applicant: Passport/ Driving License Latest Utility Bill (Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill / Electricity Bill / LIC Receipt / Water Bill) - Not Older than three months
  • Proof of Right to do Business: Certificate of Incorporation OR Memorandum and Articles of Association OR Registered Partnership Deed OR Valid Business License Document like VAT / Service Tax Registration
  • Proof of doing Business: - Annual Report OR - Income Tax Return OR Organization's Bank Account Details on Bank's Letter Head by Bank Manager OR Statement of Income by Chartered Accountants
  • Copy of PAN Card of Organization
  • Authorization Letter in favour of applicant on Company's Letter Head
Required Documents
  • Photo ID Proof
  • Proof of Right to do Business
  • Proof of doing Business
  • Latest Photo
  • Authorization letter in favour of the certificate applicant from the Organisation as per format