Digital Signature
Digital Signature

The private key used to digitally sign a document is securely held by the owner, while the public key is made known to everyone for verifying the digital signature.

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Digital Signature

Digital Signature Certificate

Class-3 / Class-3B / Class-3C / Class-III / Class-IIIB / Class-IIIC

To participate in the e-tendering process, every vendor is required to use a Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificate. Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificates are issued to individuals or organizations for personal as well as commercial use. Typically, class 3 DSC is used for Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), internet banking / broking, e-tendering, e-procurement or e-bidding and other web-based transactions where confidentiality and authenticity are critical.
The new RCAI Class 3 Certificate for Individuals with Organisation Name is a unique digital certificate product, which permits the certificate holder to have his Organisation Name included in his digital certificate. These certificates are issued only to individual persons who are authorized to represent their organizations for internet-based transactions. This product identifies not only the certificate holder, but also the organisation where the certificate holder is employed. This provides the relying party greater confidence to trust the certificate and the transaction carried out.
They are typically used for electronic commerce applications such as electronic banking, electronic data interchange (EDI), and membership-based on-line services, where security is a major concern.
The level of trust created by the Digital Certificate is based on the digital signature authentication procedures used by the CA to verify your identity and the service guarantees offered by the CA to back up that authentication. Class 3a and 3b digital signatures for individuals/Organization is certificate that provides highest level of assurance within the RCAI hierarchy setup by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India.


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Usage of Digital Signature
Types of DSC

The organization DSC is required for companies, NGOs, trusts, and government departments and organizations. It comes with the name of the organization and the applicant and contains personal and organizational details.

It can be used for filing income tax returns or entities who would like to participate in online auctions or tenders. It only verifies the name and email address of individuals.

IET Digital signature has now made it easy Export and Import organisation to use their digital signature Certificate in the best possible way for Authentication and Documents verification.

The three ways through which you can generate your DSC digital Signature:
 Aadhar - Based Paperless DSC
Aadhar - Based Paperless DSC
GST Based paperless DSC
GST Based paperless DSC
Pan Based Paperless DSC
Pan Based Paperless DSC
DSC Banner DSC Banner

Digital Signature Certifying Authority : Sify Safescrypt

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate; Income Tax E-Filing, MCA21, Sales Tax

Digital signatures is a form of electronic signatures that are created and verified using Public Key Cryptography that is based on the concept of a key pair generated by a mathematical algorithm, the public and private keys. The private key used to digitally sign a document is securely held by the owner, while the public key is made known to everyone for verifying the digital signature. Knowing the public key, one cannot compute the private key belonging to its owner.

E-Governance project is gearing up in India and it is necessary to have Digital Signature for online filling of ROC (MCA21), Income Tax, Sales Tax and Vat. For e-filling a single Class II Digital signatures needs to be procured. We provide Digital signatures Certificates of all certifying Authority like Safescrypt, Ncode Solutions and Emudhra.

New Pan Based Class 2 Digital Signatures Certificate

Buy your Digital Signature online for Income Tax e-filing, MCA21, Sales Tax

* Three Simple Steps To Obtain Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) (Click here)
  • Download Class 3 application Form of any one of the certifying Authority like Safescrypt, Ncode Solutions, and Emudhra
  • Fill the digital signature certificate application form (Download guide to fill the form)
  • Send us the form along with the requisite documents and prescribed fees.

Your Digital Signature will be emailed to you within an hour of receipt. In case of urgent need we may process you DSC on receipt of scanned copy of required form and documents.

We Provide Fast Personalized, Timely and Efficient Services with Technical Support.

*Self attested xerox copy of PAN Card to be sent along with the renewal form. For Organization Company Seal is required on PAN Card xerox.

How to apply for Safescrypt Class II digital signature

You can opt for any of the following mode of payments to buy you DSC Cash /Cheque /DD in favor of Payable at Kolkata.

Direct Deposit: HDFC BANK Current Account No. 00142000024323, Central Plaza, Kolkata.

For Online Transfer use IFSC Code: HDFC0000014 along with our bank account number. For Credit Card Payment, please contact us.


You can also use our online digital signature maker for faster processing of your DSC.

Class II valid digital signatures certificate of any of the digital signature certifying authority including Safescrypt, Ncode Solutions and Emudhra needs to be renewed on its expiry. While renewing you can make your digital signature pan encrypted by attaching a copy of your pan card even if you original DSC was not Pan based.

To renew digital signature simply download the digital signature renewal form and send it (duly filled and signed) to our office along with the requisite fees. For faster renewal of digital signature certificate (DSC) you can send us the scanned copy of digital signature renewal form and make payment of digital signature online

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