Digital Signature Certificate Application Form

DSC for e-Tendering to "Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited" (IFFCO) Vendors

IFFCO has introduced e-Procurement. Digital Certificates shall be used to access the website and authenticate the Vendors. Vendors shall have to procure legally valid Digital Certificate issued any of Licensed Certifying Authority such as TCS, Ncode Solutions, safescrypt,Emudhra, MTNL

Documents Required for DSC for IFFCO Vendors:
Applicant Details:

A. Authorization Letter in favour of the certificate applicant from the applicant organization. (as per the format attached with the application form)

B. Latest photograph of the applicant.

Organization / Enterprise Details:

1. Certified true copy (from Company Secretary / Director / Partner of the organization) of ANY ONE of the following:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  3. Registered Partnership Deed
  4. Valid business license document

2. Certified true copy of ANY ONE of the following:

  1. Annual Report
  2. Income Tax Return
  3. Statement of Income
  4. Bank details of the organization

Buy Digital Signature Certificates or DSC for IFFCO Vendors

  1. Download Registration Form Click here and fill up the Registration Form
  2. Enclose the requisite documents with the application form as above
  3. Submit the application along with the payment to EmastersIndia.Net
  4. Verify email sent by (n)Code or send e-mail at info@emastersindia.net after submitting the application form along with relevant documents
  5. Register here to get documents and payment collected from your office
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