Introduction of digital signature

A Digital Certificate is a unique identity of an individual when the person transacts / interacts through internet. It lends legal sanctity to online transactions under the IT Act 2000. Introduction of digital signature in India has revolutionized the entire way of ROC filling, Income Tax filling, e-tendering and e-procurement done in India. Emudhra is one of the CCA appointed Certification Authority (CA), for providing digital signature Certificate in India. Digital signature issued by emudhra guarantee secure and authentic online transactions for the customer and they can be used for.

Advantages of digital signature issued by emudhra
  1. Digital signature Secures email and web-based transactions
  2. Digital signature proves ownership of a domain name and establishes SSL / TLS encrypted secured sessions between your website and the user for web based transactions
  3. Digital signature proves authenticity about the source and content of a code and retaining integrity of the distributed software programs
  4. Digital signature is used online transactions and e-commerce securely
  5. One of the main advantages of digital signature is its convenience in signing web-based forms, etendering, filing tax returns, access membership-based websites automatically without entering a username and password etc
Emudhra digital signature form
Emudhra digital signature form
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