Quotation and other details

Quotation and other details about Company Registration for Digital Signature Certificates.

This is with reference to your enquiry. We are giving you the following quotations and details as required by you.
A Company may be registered as Private Limited & Limited Company.

Fees for Company Registration in INDIA With Working Capital of Rs. 1 Lac

Sr. No. Particulars Cost (INR)
1 DIN Number at Rs. 100 each for 2 Directors Rs. 200
2 Application For Name Availability Rs. 500
3 Incorporation Charges Rs. 4400
4 Office Intimation Charges Rs. 200
5 Directors Intimation Charges Rs. 200
6 Stamp Duty Rs. 1300
7 Digital Signatures at Rs.1199 each for 2 Directors Rs. 2398
8 PAN Number Rs. 60
9 TAN Number Rs. 6647
10 Professional Fees (Including Out of Pocket Expenses) Rs. 6647
Total Rs. 15999

Extra Director: Rs. 1299/­- Per Director

Payment Terms

All government fees to be paid at the time of filing the documents and our fees are to be paid in favour of “Funstun Group” before the filing of the documents.

  1. Rs. 5000/­- Before Providing Documents (i.e On Confirmation of availing the services)
  2. Rs. 10000/­- At The Time of Filing The Documents (Usually Within 4 Days i.e after getting the DIN Number & Company Name Approved)
  3. Rs. 1000/­- After The Process Gets Completed (i.e After We Confirm That The Process Is Complete)
Our Contract with you

We at Funstun Group bind our selves in to the agreement of completing all the formalities of Company Registration once your payment is honored. There are no Hidden charges. Our work includes not only applying for registration but also to see that all the formalities which arises from time to time like replying to the letters of Formalities and any other communication issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs till the time the certificate of incorporation is granted.

Steps of Process of Company Registration

The following steps are involved for company registration

  1. Application for DIN Number has to be made
  2. After the DIN Number is allotted, Form 1A for the availability of name is to be made with 6 options name of the company for approval
  3. Once the name is approved out of the 6 options given, the application for Incorporation of Company is to be made. 4. The next step is getting the certificate of incorporation of Company
  4. After getting the Certificate of Incorporation of Company, application is to be made for PAN & TAN Numbers
Documents Required :
  1. ID Proof of All Directors (PAN Card / Passport / Driving License)
  2. Address Proof of All Directors (Passport / Driving License / Voter ID / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill)
  3. Photograph of each director
  4. 6 Name Choice for the Company Name
  5. Details about the objects of the company & the services the company will provide
  6. Address where the company shall be registered or shall have its registered office

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