Steps for making Payment

Following are the steps for making payment through EFT Option

( Example given below for IDBI bank )
  1. Click on Online Licence application form , EFT button is displayed on the main form of the application for making payment through Internet banking option.For eg. in the main Form of DEPB option with EFT button will look like the figure below:
  2. A dialog is displayed to select the Bank (eg. ICICI Bank ,HDFC Bank ,SBI Bank ,IDBI Bank ,UTI Bank etc.) from the list
  3. Select the Bank through which Payment is to be made from the drop down list
  4. Fill the Licence Fee amount in Indian Rupees
  5. After selecting bank and filling the amount , click on OK button. The screen appears like this :
  6. A table appears displaying the details DGFT reference number, Ecom-reference number, Selected bank, Amount and Name of the Firm. The window appears like this :
  7. Click on 'Pay Now' button
  8. Corporate Internet Banking website of the Selected Bank is opened . Login screen of the selected bank appears
  9. Enter the login ID and password provided by the Selected bank for making online transactions. Click on OK/Go button. (For eg. the CIB login screen of IDBI bank will look like this )
  10. If the details entered by the exporter are valid, the Payment screen appears. This screen displays the details of the request made
  11. Click on OK button to proceed further
  12. Enter the transaction ID and password (This may be same as Login ID/password or may be different as provided by the bank)
  13. Click on OK button
  14. The payment request is submitted to the server of the bank and account is debited
  15. Bank will generate BID number. This BID number can be used for future reference to the bank
  16. Click on Close button
  17. The status message from DGFT end is displayed on the screen whether the transaction was successful or not
  18. Click on 'Close Window' button the Payment details window is closed
  19. If the above screen doesn't appear after the payment is successfully made at the bank and any of the given below conditions arise then click on ' Verify EFT ' button on the screen of the main application form.
    1. The page cannot be displayed' message comes
    2. If the payment was successful but before the exporter returns to DGFT return web page the Internet connection breaks
    3. DGFT server does not show any status for the successful payment made at the bank
  20. When the above shown HTML page is displayed then Click on 'Close Window' button the Payment details window is closed
  21. If the Payment was successful then open the Fee Details form by clicking on the 'Fee Details' button on the main screen. Fee details of the EFT payment made should be added in the list box of payments made. This EFT payment can be just viewed from this screen . The details cannot be updated or edited
  22. If the Payment was successful at Bank and above shown HTML page is displayed with Successful status , Continue with the filling of other information of the application
  23. If the payment was successful at Bank but above shown HTML page is not displayed then , Verify the transaction by clicking on 'Verify EFT' on the main Licence application form