1. What is EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)?

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) is the new facility provided to the Exporters for submitting the licence fee through the Internet without visiting the Bank for the payment. This procedure is being proposed to facilitate payments through electronic means. The facility shall be available only for electronically filed applications.

2. Through which Bank Electronic Payment can be made ?

Currently Electronic payment can be made through following banks : ICICI Bank , IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank , UTI Bank, State Bank of India, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India Other banks under this regime shall be further notified from time to time.

3. To which Licencing scheme this facility is applicable?

This Electronic payment facility is applicable for deposit of application fees in case of all licencing schemes (For which Electronic Filing of application facility is available).However Electronic Payment facility is mandatory for DEPB,DES,EPCG and DFIA Licensing Schemes

4. What are the requirements for making Electronic Payment ?

An exporter having valid Importer Exporter Code (IEC) need to have an Internet Banking account , his ID and password from any of the Banks given above.

5. How to make Electronic Payment ?

Please Click here Steps for making Payment for making payment through EFT.

6. What will happen to the transaction if after entering transaction password 'The page cannot be displayed' message comes ?


If the payment was successful but before the exporter returns to DGFT return web page the Internet connection breaks ?


Though the transaction with Bank shows successful transaction but DGFT server does not show any status for the same ?

To verify if these kind of error messages comes , the exporter can do verification of the payment . Please Click here Steps to Verify the Payment.

7. What are the benefits of making Payment through Electronic Fund Transfer?

Licence Fee can be submitted simultaneously while filing the E-Com application without visiting the Bank. It will also reduce the time required to make the payment as compared to manual mode like DD etc

8. How the payment made through electronic means is secure ?

Payment can be made only by logging on valid unique ID and password provided to the exporter by the Bank. The transaction is carried out in secured environment through Banks gateway specially created for the purpose.

9. Can the Fee once paid through EFT be refunded?

The fee once received will not be refunded except in the following circumstances viz., a) Where the fee has been deposited in excess of the specified amount of fee; or b) Where fee has been deposited but no application has been made; or c) Where the fee has been deposited in error but the applicant is exempt from payment of fee. Processing of refund of fee submitted through net banking shall be through an application in hard copy as per form given in appendix 6-B. This may be submitted to the licensing authority against whom the e-com number has been generated. On receipt of application the licensing authority shall pass refund after they have verified from the Pay and Accounts Office, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi that the amount was credited to the Government of India. No claim for refund of application fee shall be entertained by the licensing authority after expiry of one year from the date of payment to the concerned bank. However, on merits, for reasons to be recorded in writing, the licensing authority may condone the delay but in no case shall an application for refund of fees be entertained after the expiry of three years with regard to the date as mentioned above. Refund Order of fees will be valid for three months from the date of issue. Request for revalidating the same may be considered on merits by the authority which issued the Refund Order.

10. How can I open the account with Banks for EFT payments with DGFT?

For opening account with ICICI Bank for DGFT payments Click Here.