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SIFY Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Application Forms

The SafeScrypt brand is brought forward by Sify Technologies Limited(Nasdaq National Markets: SIFY) one of the largest Internet, and e-Commerce services companies in India, offering complete solutions with a widespread range of products delivered over a common Internet backbone infrastructure.

Sify Technologies Limited is India's first Licensed Certifying Authority (CA)* under the IT Act 2000 and is a VeriSign Affiliate for the Indian Subcontinent offering Managed PKI services to enterprises and Digital Signature Certificates to end-users as well. SafeScrypt offers different types of Digital Certificates to Individuals to tackle various needs of the Market. These Certificates can be used for a varied of purposes like secure authentication, signing documents or transactions, etc. According to Indian IT Act 2000 Digitally signed documents or transactions have the same legal validity as physically signed documents in any Indian court of law, if they have been signed with a Digital Signature Certificate issued by a licensed CA in India, like SafeScrypt.

Class of Certificate and What is this class of certificate suited for?

In order to buy a digital certificate, the applicant must personally provide all the necessary documents. The recognition will be based on, at a minimum, a well-recognized form of government-issued photo identification and one other identification documentation.

SafeScrypt has reserved the right to decide which forms of identification are acceptable for validation. In the absence of government issued identification, SafeScrypt may recommend an alternate method of validation.

Secure Storage Device for Digital Certificates

SafeScrypt recommends secure storage devices to the customers for storing their Digital Certificates. Digital certificates stored in Smart cards or UBS tokens are efficient, flexible, and portable solution for authenticating identities, encrypting data, and validating financial transactions. Accompanying digital certificate services with these USB keys provides secure storage for private keys and digital certificates and thus provide the most portable as well as cost-effective mechanism to enable two-factor authentication, protect privacy and ensure non-repudiation. For this reason use Storage Devices like these to store and protect their Digital Certificates is recommend.

USB Tokens

USB Tokens are cost effective way of getting the benefits of a multi-function smart card without the cost of purchasing and deploying smart card readers.

Why is it recommended to store Digital Certificates USB tokens?

To begin with Digital Certificate should be stored on a hardware device, such as a Cryptographic USB Token security reasons. This type of tokens store Digital Certificate securely and ensures that no one else has access to your private key. These tokens are also portable, so when your signing operations are completed, you can remove and store your token in a secure place.

Once your Private Key is imported on the cryptographic USB token it can never be copied out of it i.e. As a result, during a digital signing operation, the Digital Signature is created directly on the token. Security for your DSC is enhanced through the mandatory use of a password to access the contents of the cryptographic USB token.

Even then, the cryptographic USB Token is very simple to use. One need to plug in the token into the computer, provide the password to the token, and perform your signing operations., You should ensure that after signing activities, the usb token is unplugged from the computer and store it in a secure place. Please remember that if you misplace your USB token or forget the password, there is no way to salvage your Digital Certificate. You will have to either purchase a replacement token or a replacement Digital Certificate, as the case may be

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