FAQ Digital Signature Certificate

Precautions to be taken while applying for digital signature certificate

1. What are the precautions to be taken with Digital Certificate ?

Since Digital Signatures have legal validity and are at par with physical signatures, it is the responsibility of the certificate holder to keep his certificate safely and not share it with any individual. Recommended is USB Token / Smart card for storing the certificates securely. Also in case the certificate is lost or the I-Key / E-Token is stolen, it is the responsibility of the individual to revoke his certificate and obtain a new one. Certificates issued will be valid for a period of 1 year/ 2 years and needs to be renewed there after.

2. Is it necessary to have an Email ID ?

Yes, for obtaining DSC a person must have a valid and active email address. For keeping DSC valid it is necessary to keep email address active during the validity period of DSC.

3. I do not have any Email ID. What should I do ?

One can register for free email ID at,,, or alternatively with the purchase of Internet connection your internet service provider will provide you an email ID.

4. What are the disadvantages of using free Email ID ?

You cannot have any control or right over something which is free .Free email service provider can at their discretion stop providing service. One of most famous free email service provider has stopped giving free service. If such thing happens with your free email service your DSC will become void invalid.

5. What will be the status of my Digital Certificate if my Email ID becomes inactive ?

As per Information Technology Act 2000, a valid DSC must have a valid and active email ID. Renewal of Digital Certificate is not possible without an active email ID. Moreover digitally signed email can only be sent with the email ID mentioned in the DSC.

6. What is the benefit of using an own domain name based Email ID ?

If one has an e-mail ID registered with ISP and if that particular ISP cease to exist, then that e-mail ID becomes invalid / inactive / void, but if one has their own domain based e-mail ID then that e-mail ID is permanent until and unless that domain is unsubscribed.

7. What is E-mail verification ?

A DSC cannot be issued without an email ID and for verification purpose whether the email ID mentioned in the application form of DSC is active and valid an automated mail from (n) Code Solutions would be delivered to the subscriber to the email ID that has been mentioned during online enrollment, or else the applicant can reply to the email send by us or else the applicant can even send us an email at while submitting the documents for the issuance of DSC.

8. Digital Signatures issued to Individual or Company ?

Digital Signature certificate is issued to any living person to do legally valid transaction on any electronic device. No Entity in itself can obtain DSC. an individual representing an organisation should obtain digital signature certificate as a representative of a company.

9. Benefit of Digital Certificate ?

Cost Saving Reduced Turnaround Time Convenience Confidentiality of the transaction is assured. Fraud is minimized as your data cannot be tampered with Integrity of information submitted online is no longer in doubt.

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