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How to generate digital signature in India, what are digital certificate providers

1. How to generate digital signature in India ?

In order to create legally valid digital Signature certificate one has to apply for DSC in prescribed digital signature application form of a certifying authority through a registration authority like
For the use of digital signature at income tax, MCA 21 and VAT one should apply for class 2 digital signatures. You can create online signature by applying for DSC online on the website of After making online signature application digital signature documents needs to be submitted. After receiving application Digital signature can be created by us or you can generate digital signature at your end.

Digital Certificate Providers

Digital certificates are typically issued by a digital certificate authority (CA) (certifying authority (CA):

organization that issues digital certificates, keeps track of who is assigned to a certificate, signs certificates to verify their validity, and tracks which certificates are revoked or expired.), which is a trusted (trust: Indicates whether you trust the individual or group to whom the certificate is issued. The default setting is Inherit Trust from Issuer, which means that the certificate is trusted because the issuer, usually a certificate authority, is trusted.) Third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by other parties. There are four commercial third-party digital certificate authorities in India from whose appointed registration authority you can purchase a digital certificate.

Certifying Authority of Digital Certificate Providers

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