Digital Signature Certificate For E-Tender
Digital Signature Certificate in E-Tendering.

A signature’s electronic form is termed as digital signature that is useful for validating identity of a document signer or a message sender.

It also assures that a document or message’s original content is unchanged. It is not possible for someone else to imitate the digital signatures and these are easily transportable as well.

it offers the ability for assuring that the message that has been signed originally has arrived so that it is not disclaimed later by the sender.


For ensuring the authenticity and security of electronically filed documents, Uses of Digital signatures is provided by Information Technology Act 2000. This serves to be the only authentic and secure method for electronically submitting a document. The procurement processes are integrated, facilitated and streamlined by e-Procurement. And for all such processes the digital signature certificate is significant.

Since the complete system is introduced with greater transparency by e-Procurement, it has received remarkable acceptance and popularity. It offers several benefits including reduction of procurement cycles, helping bidders and buyers to defeat the limitations on geographical terms and maintain pace with the existing technology.

In India, the certificate that offers assurance of highest level within setup of RCAI hierarchy by CCA is digital signatures of Class 3 A/B for individual/organization. Its main use is for the purpose of e-procurement, e-tendering or e-bidding.

01. E-Procurement
02. E-Tendering
03. E-Bidding
Applicant Details :
  • Authorization Letter in favor of the certificate applicant from the applicant organization. (as per the format attached with the application form)
  • Latest photograph of the applicant
Organization / Enterprise Details :

01. Certified true copy of Any One of the following :
( from Company Secretary / Director / Partner of the organization )

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Registered Partnership Deed
  • Valid business license document

02. Certified true copy of Any One of the following :

  • Annual Report
  • Income Tax Return
  • Statement of Income
  • Bank Details of the organization
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  • Enclose the requisite documents with the application form as above
  • Submit the application along with the payment to EmastersIndia.Net
  • Verify email sent by (n)Code or send e-mail at dsc@emastersindia.net after submitting the application form along with relevant documents
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