Digital Signature For ICEGATE

ICEGATE (Indian Customs Electronic Gateway) is an integrated online portal of the Indian Customs of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs. It provides services such as online filing of entry bills, shipping bills, other custom bills, customs duty e-payment, etc.

To cargo and various other trading bodies. Along with the above-mentioned e-filing services, ICEGATE also provides different services such as continuous Customer Support, Online IPR Registration, Online Payment of Central Excise and Service Taxes, Online Verification of Various Licences, and Others.

Digital Signature

ICEGATE permits cargo and trade bodies, import and export businesses, custom brokers and others to avail these services using a Class 3 digital signature issued by a trusted Certifying Authority like eMudhra. A Class 3 digital signature helps businesses to drastically reduce the costs and time required for filing the bills and availing of other services from ICEGATE.

Uses of ICEGATE Digital Signature
E- Filing of the Export Goods
E- Filing of the Export Goods
Declaration of the Export Goods
Declaration of the Export Goods
eFiling of the Import Goods
eFiling of the Import Goods
Use For Refund of IGST
Use For Refund of
Use For Payment of Duty
Use For Payment of
File Online Supporting Documents
File Online Supporting Documents
Which Class Digital Signature is Required for ICEGATE ?

A valid Class 3 DSC for ICEGATE is required, It is a multipurpose DSC which is works on most of the Portals. Some documents are needed for this:

For Individual For Organization
Applicant Address Proof – Adhar Card / Driving License / Passport ‌‌Business Registration Documents
Pan Card Authorization Latter
Mobile Number‌ ‌ and Email‌ ‌ID‌ ‌ ‌Applicant and Auth Person Pan Card
One Photo One Photo
Email ID and Mobile Number
How to Apply for an ICEGATE Digital Signature ?
Step 01

Step 1

A Valid Class 3 DSC is Needed
for the ICEGATE Portal
Step 02

Step 2

Select Type
Class 3
Step 03

Step 3

Submit the All Required
Step 04

Step 4

Complete Video and Mobile Verification
Step 05

Step 5

Get Free Delivery to your
Benefits of the Digital Signature to the Trade and Customs Brokers
  • It provides authenticity to users and clients
  • Provides Non-Repudiation of data
  • Fast and Secure Transactions
  • It Maintains the Integrity of Data
  • It Prevents Fraud and Impersonation
Key Benefits
  • Signature Certificate
  • With 2 Years of DSC Validity
  • Complete Online and Easy Process
  • With Free USB Token
  • Get Free Home Delivery
  • Complete Support
How to Update DSC on the ICEGATE Website
  • Install and Run the Java version in your system (1.6 or higher)
  • Configure java settings to support the DSC application
  • Login to your account on the Icegate site
  • Open the View profile option
  • Then Click on update Digital signature
  • Once the initialized icon appears, click on upload DSC
  • Then Select your digital signature in the new open window
  • Enter Token Pin / Password
  • Finally, Click on submit and the success message will be displayed